Arun Manadhar
Raju Maharjan
Pavit Maharjan
Siddartha Maharjan
Kiran Nepali
Rubin Kumar Shrestha


Pavit Maharjan

Pavit works magic on percussions and is a vital binding force in the ensemble. Grealty influenced by his grandfather who was a Newari Song writer and a Singer and contributed numerous melodies into the Newari Folk Songs and Melodies of his era.

Pavit started playing the Madal since he was a child, but it was only after grade 12 and a friend’s influence that he decided to start doing music professionally. It was then that he picked up the keyboards and has since moved on to playing in big events such as Shikhar Tours, Kantipur TV, Taal, Shukrabar and more. Besides Kutumba, Pavit manages his family business and a music instructor at Imperial World School.

Raju Maharjan

Inspired by his father, growing up with Newari Drum gurus and acquiring the knowledge about the traditional Newari drums Raju is today considered one of the best percussionists in Nepali. From the Madal to the Khin, there probably isn’t a percussion instrument Raju cannot play. His specialty in Tabla, in which he has a Masters degree from Allahabadh. He has also collaborated with fine classical maestros as well as been part of different fusion projects around the globe.

He is also a keen vocalist and loves to sing modern Nepali songs and has recorded quite a few melodious songs for his personal satisfaction. Presently he is a music instructor at various school.

Siddhartha Maharjan

With a father who used to run a record label, Siddhartha developed a taste for music from at very young age. Growing up with the musical influence from around the world, he joined Kutumba in 2005 and plays metal percussion, that includes instruments such as the ghunguru, murchunga, bhushya, sishya etc. He has done a intensive research on various tribal communities from different parts of Nepal and has collected a wide variety of metal percussion among which a few are on verge of extinction.

Besides music, he is a graduate in fine arts from Srijana College of Fine Arts and loves sketching and painting. He is the creative head behind the presentation of the band.

Rubin Kumar Shrestha

At age 12, Rubin took a fancy to the way Lord Krishna played the flute. Influenced by his music teacher Raman Maharjan, began learning the instrument while still at school. At 20, he acquired his Bachelor’s degree in classical music. He plays about 15 other instruments.

He is also an extraordinarily gifted composer and a self taught music arranger who has contributed his skills towards various projects. He has also been actively participating in different national as well as international musical fusion projects. He has already contributed in creating the sounds of the flute in numerous commercial songs He has toured extensively around the world. Currently he is an active music instructor at various schools.

Kiran Nepali

Hailing form the generation of the sarangi players, Kiran Nepali belongs to the family of Gandharva (musical tribe of Nepal). He too grew up with the Sarangi since birth but he continued as a professional Sarnagi player later. He also has done an extensive research on the traditional Gandharva music in the remote parts of Nepal, a keen activist, passionate preserver and a promoter of the vanishing folk instrument Sarangi. He has been a part of international as well as national musical collaborations creating a wide horizon of the instrument Sarnagi’s Sound as well as its presentation.

Presently an entrepreneur of Project Sarangi (an initiative to preserve, promote Sarangi as well as its craftmenship), he is actively involved in inspiring the youth’s involvement with folk musical tradition and creating a contemporary sound.

Arun Manandhar

Growing up with guitar players in the family from an early age he was inspired by the the blues music and is also a fine guitarist. Arun is one of the few musicians who plays the Tungna today. Originating in the high altitudes of the Himalayas in the early 19th century, the Tungna is a stringed instrument that has a body carved from a single piece of wood and a resonating chamber made from goatskin.

He has also researched and acquired the knowledge of a unique instrument Arbajo. An ancient instrument belonging to the Gandharvas( Musical tribe from Nepal). He is one of the few amongst those who are skilled Arbajo players. He plays a great role in the band in the string rhythm section. Apart from music Arun Manandhar owns a fashion line.

Arun Gurung

Apart from being a rock bass guitarist Arun was greatly inspired by the Kutumba’s sound. With tremendous capabilities as a team leader Arun Gurung manages the band. Acquiring the technical knowledge about sound and also being an active media person, he handles the technical aspects of the band. His networks withing the music industry is a great asset to any Kutumba initiative.

He actively looks after all the engagements of the bands and also a creative head for different projects nationally as well as internationally.

Niraj Maharjan

Niraj works on line management front as well as looks after the stage management. Joining Kutumba as a secondary flute player, later Niraj joined the band as a permanent member for the earlier mentioned position.

He is also a skilled graphic designer, he looks after all the band’s online as well as offline graphic releases.